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Technical PV solar training for Municipalities In October 2016, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, has awarded the training project to SUNCybernetics’ Solar Training Centre and the Engineering faculty of the NWU to give a customised technical PV solar training to municipal officials.

A group of officials from various technical departments attended the first ever technical PV solar training specially developed for municipalities. 15 different municipalities from all over the country were represented during the three day course end of January.

Eskom, DoE, SALGA, GIZ and more than 15 different Municipalities attended the Technical PV solar training.
PV Solar Training introduced to Engineering Modules,
22 February 2016
Corneels Schabbort, lecturers at the Engineering Faculty of the North West University, requested the Solar Training Centre to give a two hour presentation on PV solar technology. More than 50 students from the Engineering Faculty joined the lecture, held by Faure van Schalkwyk, Energy Research Engineer & Trainer at SUNCYbernetics. The main theme was to discuss the energy situation in South Africa and explain how PV solar as sustainable and green energy can be implemented. It was clearly demonstrated how uninformed the students were in terms of South Africa's energy situation and the application of PV solar. Much more knowledge should be conveyed in the future and there were some good questions and discussions after the presentation.
Date: 10.09.2013
Location: North-West University Potchefstroom Campus, Calderbank Avenue, N1 Building
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